Experience Our Luxury Wroclaw Spa

Unwind and relax in The Granary Hotel's luxurious spa area.

Our well equipped mini gym will ensure guests at The Granary Hotel are able to maintain fitness levels and enjoy an energising workout. Our luxury wellness includes a sauna and Jacuzzi. Experience a soothing massage after a long day's business or sightseeing.


Welcome to SPA

For our guests we offer sauna and fitnes open 24 hours. For a request we can arrange a massage.

The highest quality of service and your satisfaction is our priority. Our offer has been developed for unique Guests of Granary - La Suite Hotel, for business people, for those seeking wholesome relaxation and regeneration.

The ESCAPE Company - holistic mind and body zone, wishes you a restful leisure.



Touch of energy – performed with hands and forearms, based on classical techniques. The massage stimulates vitality and eliminates minor muscle tension. This massage will allow to start your day with renewed energy and relax before an important meeting.

duration: 60 min


Therapeutic relief – massage of the whole body or selected parts. Feeling tense muscles, back pains or headaches - in therapeutic massage we focus on ailments of the body to calm it and free from pain.

duration: 50 min

Aromatherapeutic massage with warm oil:

It restores the balance of body and soul. Depending on the chosen aroma soothes and relaxes or stimulates and energizes. Performed with aromatic oil composed specially according to individual preferences.. Aromas and relaxing touch will take you into the world of the five senses.


*Geranium, lavender, rosemary, lemon – stimulates, clears the mind and helps in concentration. This massage improves the mood, is indicated before the intellectual work, deliberation, or important meeting.


*Juniper berries, lavender, mint, rosemarystimulates willingness for action, reduces fatigue caused by mental effort and adds a physical energy. Excellent for morning fatigue.


*Marjoram, lavender, geranium – relieves stress, improves night rest, calms and relaxes. This massage is ideal for nervous tension, it's a massage of good sleep.


*Petitgrain, geranium, pine – relaxes, soothes emotional agitation and inner tension. This massage is perfect after a day full of impressions, long term strained mind and exhausting mental work.

duration: 60 min


Massage with a hint of Cherry Blossom Land.

Gentle and natural benefaction of specially selected techniques combined with acupressure-point enables harmonization of energy and removes blockages in its flow. Massage allows recovery of lost physical and mental balance.


 Original holistic massage with elements of Shiatsu:

Deeply relaxing ritual combined with the Japanese art of massage. United with the philosophy of holistic perception of human as a whole, the unity of mind, body and soul.

Through the tranquil touch, gentle movements in the joints and pressure points we achieve a deep state of balance. This experience remains long in the memory.


It works in three dimensions:

Physical - develops body awareness

Mental – harmonizes stressful mind

Emotional - soothes emotions, introduces a deep inner contact with oneself.

Massage includes feet, body, head and face and it’s made with warm coconut oil.

duration: 80 min 

Granary boutique hotel in wroclaw

Mennicza Fusion

The Granary Hotel features a sophisticated restaurant serving innovative international cuisine in an intimate historical setting.

Granary boutique hotel in wroclaw


Relax after a long day in The Granary Hotel's spa area with a mini gym, massage and sauna.

Granary boutique hotel in wroclaw

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