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  • Financial Shield of PFR 2.0

    Wings Hotels Sp. z o.o. informs that it has received a Financial Subsidy under the PFR 2.0 Financial Shield for Micro-enterprises and SMEs.
    The entity implementing the program and providing support was the Polish Development Fund.

  • Electric car charging

    We have two Porche Destination Charging stations at our disposal for our guests and all other electric car owners.
    The rules for using chargers and the price list can be found in the FACILITIES tab.


    Bon turystyczny wspiera polskie rodziny i jednocześnie branżę turystyczną w okresie kryzysu wywołanego pandemią COVID-19. To dokument elektroniczny uprawniający do kwoty 500 zł na każde dziecko, który możesz wykorzystać aż do końca marca 2022 roku.

  • Sanitary safety procedures at The Granary La Suite Hotel

    Dear Guests,

    although health and safety have always been our priority, our care for your comfort and wellbeing is equally important to us at this particular moment of time.

    I would like to inform you that during operating, The Granary Hotel is taking action to reduce potential risks of Covid-19 transmission and takes care of our Guests and staff in reference to coronavirus.

    Our team approaches the present situation extremely seriously, therefore we have implemented the best practices possible to provide services.

    We will appreciate your understanding of the situation and your cooperation in keeping all of us safe.

    Below, you will find the best practices implemented in our hotel to protect you from possible Covid-19 transmission in accordance with recommendations of Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, The Health Ministry and WHO:

    1. Numerous disinfection stations on site (visible and designated).
    2. Mask wearing in all public areas of the hotel.
    3. Mask purchase available at the front desk.
    4. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation of the guest (in case of coughing, shortness of breath, fever or flu-like symptoms) and repeat health verification procedure during the stay (temperature control).
    5. Introducing security zone in front of Reception.
    6. Luggage service on guest’s request only.
    7. Limitation of the guest presence at the Front Desk.
    8. Conducting information campaign among the guests regarding precautions.
    9. Constant sanitizing of restrooms, lifts, front office desk (each time after every guest), handles, handrails, phones, computer boards, public rooms devices and other surfaces often touched.
    10. Room accessories (sewing kit, bath cap, shoe polisher, additional hangers etc.) will be delivered to the room on request.
    11. All printed materials (collaterals, magazines) has been removed from the room.
    1. Social distancing 1,5m between guests and employees.
    2. Using hairdryer is forbidden.
    3. Minibar items will be delivered to the room on request.
    4. Two persons in the lift limitation recommended (excluding cohabitants).
    5. Cashless payments preferred.
    6. Unlocking rooms via disinfected electronic cards.
    7. Cleaning service limited (upon request only or after third day of stay)
    8. Cleaning service conducted during guest’s absence.
    9. Certified personal protection equipment and sanitizers.
    10. Certified washing proces in high temperatures (≥60°C).
    11. Minimum 24 hours room quarantine after guest’s departure.
    12. Constant desinfection of hotel equipment provided to the guests (after each use).


    1. Mini gym can be occupied by one guest only at the same time (excluding cohabitants).
    2. Breakfast is served between 7 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. during midweek and from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. during weekend.
    3. Booking a table is a condition to enjoy our Restaurant.


    I highly appreciate your understanding and responsible approach.

    We review all official recommendations from the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, Health Ministry daily and will escalate our response and actions in line with any recommendations received. The hotel has a Covid-19 leadership committee in place.  Additionally, we have daily update reviews with actions taken as appropriate.




    We have several hand sanitizers points throughout the hotel both in front of house areas and for staff use back of house.

    We have increased not only the frequency of ventilating the rooms and cleaning in high risk public areas i.e. door handles, banisters, lift buttons, bathrooms fixtures but also key bedroom touch points cleaning i.e. bathroom, door handles, switches, remote controls and telephones. Air conditioning panels, lighting buttons, pens and pencils, tabletops and tables, as well as cabinet handles are also specially disinfected.

    We have assigned more team members each shift to ensure best practices regarding sanitizing bedrooms and public areas.

    All our managers are familiar with the procedures to be taken in case of any guest reporting symptoms of Covid-19. Moreover, all our team members have gone through internal trainings.

    I kindly ask you to inform the hotel before arrival in the event of Covid-19 symptoms, i.e. coughing, shortness of breath, fever or flu-like symptoms.

    We are doing everything to ensure you have a carefree stay with us. I am looking forward to welcoming you in our hotel. Should you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Front Office Manager directly at +48 71 395 26 04 or We will be delighted to assist you.




    Karolina Kocyłowska

    General Manager The Granary – La Suite Hotel


    Comfort for our guests is the most important, therefore pleased to announce that in our hotel are showrooms, where you can experience a peaceful sleep in bed with alpaca fiber.

    Blankets and pillows are filled with alpaca fiber with unique properties and thermoregulatory hipoalergicznych.Obszyte exclusive cotton fiber bamboo and finished with the original piping.

    Blankets are hand quilted in a special way different from the machine, so that the heat is distributed evenly in the quilt perfectly, and stitching are not formed cold points.

    Thermoregulation, they adapt to changes in body temperature during sleep.

    Alpaca fiber is friendly for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, because it does not contain lanolin or any chemical additives.

    They are recommended PTA (Polish Society of Allergology).

    It provides a healthy, natural sleep.

    We are the only place in Wroclaw where you can see how wonderful properties of this product.

    We will be happz to host You!


    Chef Łukasz  Budzik, finalist of Top Chef invites you to lunch at the restaurant Mennicza Fusion!


    Every day a different suggestions Chef

    serving hours serving 1 P.M. -4 P.M

    appetizer, main course, dessert

    Set the price of 39 PLN / person

    With more people, we offer to place an order by phone or e-mail.

    tel .: 713952666 or 713952602


    The Granary La Suite Hotel / Mennicza Fusion, ul. Mennicza 24, Wroclaw


    A brand new conference hall waits for your conference projects! Don’t forget to book the dates for the back-to-business autumn season.


    A new improvement project starts off in September! We are implementing a new media system that will allow you to arrange every details of your day laying comfortably in your bed...


    Mennicza Fusion introduces a new local beer to its offer – Sobótka Górka. Don’t forget to try it out!


    At the end of September our brand new mini-gym will welcome you for the morning jogging with its new luster. Come and enjoy!